Friday, January 3, 2014

3 days in

Now we in three days of 2014 how are things going? So far as the changes I am trying to make I haven’t seen much difference of yet, however, it will take some time; also, looking into additional changes and challenges as well.

The weather here in the Gig Harbor Washington area has continued to been very mild unlike the east coast.   In December we had our second lowest total rainfall in about hundred years. We had some foggy days along with some days falling into the 20s but little rain.  At least through the weekend little rain is expected.  It has caused problems of little snow in the mountains so unable to ski, I am not a skier but there are those that do love skiing, and doesn’t help employment at the ski resorts either.

I have been watching some College Football Bowl games, and really enjoy the ones that were upsets like Oklahoma over Alabama. I think there are too many bowl games. There are some that must have been new because I never   heard of them before. Some of the names were funny as well     

The NFL playoffs start this weekend; the Seattle Seahawks have the weekend off because they have the best record in their conference.  I may watch some of the playoff games; however, there are too many games on these days.

My cousin Mike Shaw who was injured in a skiing accident the week before   Christmas in Colorado is now back in Vancouver, British Columbia where he is going through rehab. What is great is that he has a great attitude and faith that he is going to fully recovery. He had surgery on his neck on December 17.  The rest of the family is doing quite well, and we all look forward to his full recovery.  I will keep you up to date on how his rehab is going.

Everyone have a great weekend. Look forward to write more next week.                                       

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