Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Becoming a Champion

To be a champion it starts out that you must become a champion.  Most of us are not born into families where we are breaded into such a manner.  What I mean is that there are a few like say Prince William was born into royalty so was trained in a manner how he should act, and others are encouraged greatly by their parents and others around them.  A lot of us are told we can’t do this or that, or we are not tall enough, or pretty enough, or handsome enough.   I was lucky at home I generally encouraged by parents, however, at school by other students, or teachers I was told otherwise.  So I have had to get my mind changed that I am a person that has things to offer.

Monday Jan 20 I listened to Seahawk coach Pete Carroll’s press conference.  He mentioned that a couple years ago (second year with Seahawks) that the players had an edge to them. Most of them had something to prove, and to use that as motivation. Later he called it grit. So I could say using motivation in place of change as well. Another word could be competitive; I should say whatever works. I believe there is something in each of us to be more than we already are, however, are we willing to pay the cost. 

At the beginning of the Seahawk-49ers game Seahawk Quarterback Russell Wilson fumbled the ball, and the 49ers recovered the ball.  My thought is here we go; such important game and he fumbles the ball.  The defense came out and stopped the 49ers only giving a field goal.  The offense continues to struggle for most of the game, however, made the important plays in the fourth quarter to help win the game.  I realized that it is not how our lives started out, but how will it end.  Will we take difficult situations, and turn them into being positive. Being a champion is being an over comer.  Others will see by our actions, and not by our words.

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