Thursday, January 23, 2014

social media

When it comes to social media I am very much for it. Of course I am sure most of you are to since you are reading my blog. Also, most of you are likely on facebook with me as well.  I am on twitter as well as facebook.  You can reach me @loveableherb I don’t do a lot of twitting myself; I take advantage of seeing others. I only follow a couple people that I know personally; the rest are known people in the northwest area, primarily sport writers, and the news. What is great about it is that I find sport and news stories a lot faster than trying to look them up myself.  Of course, the negative side of twitter if you do follow personal friends you can get a lot of silly things just like on facebook. On both facebook, and twitter I basically scroll past that I am not interested in, or what some people say.  I think some people put on personal information which can be dangerous, for example their phone number.  Facebook does have the option of sending messages to your friends, so I recommend doing it instead when you want to write to an individual. Currently I would say that about 30% of my friends are on facebook on a regular basis; it would be nice to hear more from the other 70% but I understand the situation; I don’t post a lot myself, I do more comments and likes. The same thing with twitter as well; what I like is able to see pictures of little ones, trips, and those from a long time ago. It is good to be parts of groups as well so can see them separately. Another one to use is instantgram which is like twitter but uses for pictures. I am not a member but I know a lot of people who are now using it.

So take advantage of social media but use it in a positive manner. I enjoy seeing everyone I do see.  Use the share feature as well but don’t overdo it.  Keep the pictures coming as well! Let me know if I can improve my way of using the social media as well.

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