Sunday, January 26, 2014


I am thinking about my niece Leslie, and her husband Daniel who live in Minnesota. They are having the coldest weather right now in 30 years. Daniel is a Minnesota native, and Leslie lived there as a little girl, and then with Daniel moved back a couple years ago or so. They are used to the cold weather to some degree; however, I am sure they feel very uncomfortable because of the change of temperatures.  So each day they are living in perseverance; making sure they can make it another day. I am sure some days are better than others.  It is the same thing with the changes we have decided to make in our lives for 2014. I am sure some of you are looking to lose weight, exercise more, spend more time with family, or just the change of way of thinking. Because of change things are not the same, and we must persevere to be sure we stay on the same track. It is like we are running a marathon, and we want to be sure we finish the race. Likely we will have obstacles along the way as well, but how we handle those obstacles will decide on finishing the race. Another thing even if we are not making life changes obstacles occur anyway because of life in itself. No matter how hard we try there are always life challenges: usually they happen without us doing anything at all. Just before Christmas I came down with the bad cough; of course, I didn’t want it to happen but it did. I took cough medicine which didn’t do me any good at all. Three years ago I had a similar situation where I had a cough, and felt tired for about three months. I was given different medicines which didn’t do me any good. After getting my blood checked found that I was anemic, took iron pills which cleared it all up.  So this time I figured it could be the same thing so I started taking iron pills again, however, it didn’t work. Went back to the doctor, and he told me it was a problem with my breathing which is the reason for my coughing. He gave me correct medicine and now I am about 100 percent well. Of course, like all of us I don’t know what will come up next but I will fight every inch to keep on going. So keep on persevering whatever is happening in your life. I am backing you up 100 per cent.

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