Sunday, March 2, 2014


Hello Everyone I hope you had another good weekend. Here in Gig Harbor we are having a lot of rain; making up for December and January. It is nice the mountain passes are getting a lot of snow though not easy to drive.

Decided to get back to my regular writing; maybe I was too serious or something on the last two. Just let you know I am not necessarily for Obama Care but I think we need to know how much has to come out of our pockets if and when go to Doctor or hospital.

Anyway, I am writing about my niece Leslie. First of all March 3 is her birthday so I have to wish her a happy birthday. She is the only niece I have the rest of them are males. She is the daughter of my brother Jack; she is the oldest, and has three younger brothers Robby, Ian, and Danny. She looks like a Nightingale with blonde hair and blue eyes. Also, she is very kind like her uncle (me of course!).

She is married to very fine young man Daniel. They met at Harvard when they both took a class in Russian. They got married the same weekend as they graduated from Harvard. Figured was a good time so the special guests like me would not have to make two trips across the coast. After graduating from Harvard, they spent two years in South Korea teaching at a international junior and senior high school. Leslie now is finishing getting her doctorate in English Literature while Daniel is going to Lutheran Seminary. He is working as an intern at a Lutheran Church right now. They really seem like a good fit.

Leslie was born in Washington D.C. area; however, as a small child the family lived two year in Frankfurt Germany. When returning they lived several years in Minnesota; at about eight years of age (if my memory is correct) they moved to St.Louis, Missouri where she lived until she finished high school, and went on to college at Harvard.  She was such an influence on her younger brothers that Robby also graded from Harvard, Ian currently attending as a junior, and Danny will be going next year. Now Leslie has returned to Minnesota, and Daniel is actually a native of Minnesota. The time living in Germany got her trained to doing a lot of travel. I need to figure out how she does so much travel. Also, last summer she and Daniel spent six weeks in London so she could work on her doctorate. Actually Daniel came back ten days earlier. Also, she spent a few days in Paris, France meeting up with Robby. He was doing an internship for the summer in both France and Germany.

Even though Leslie looks like a Nightingale; she takes after her mother. Her mother teaches English literature on the high school level though Leslie will further teach on the college level. Also, she takes her teaching very seriously like her mother.

Being my only niece, though I care very much (love)  for all my nephews, she has a very special place in my heart. 

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