Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Spelling with a small “r”, otherwise you may think I am writing about the last book of the Bible. A lot of people think we are in the last days, which may be true, but they have been saying that since the Book was written. Another statement is true each day we are closer to the end.

Ok the real reason to mention revelation has to do with us becoming champions, which I hope you are getting there just like me.

For us to be champions I realized the other day that is important for us to get revelation.  I believe that comes from us to meditate in our minds, and hearts; with us doing so we will receive revelation. The more revelation we receive the more the champion we desire the closer we will become.  I especially meditate when I go out for a walk especially when there really isn’t anything else to do.  If we don’t it is real easy to get sidetracked and think about things we should not or negative thoughts.  Often radio or TV along with other people can give us ideas we don’t want to know, especially the news or talk radio.

One revelation that came to my mind is that we need to be around those who think the same way we do, or have experienced being a champion at a high level. It is like your job, to do a better job would be to hang around those who are doing the same job at a higher level. Also, important to ask questions, and watch what they do.  Before I said the more often I write the better I will become, however, it important to read what others write as well.

Twice a month I meet with four or five other guys. We encourage one another going on in our lives. It is important to have guys that you can trust.  I am not where I want to be, however, it gets better every day.  Let you know that I am with you; whatever you do never give up.

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