Sunday, April 27, 2014


I have been saying how important family and friends are there is nothing like celebrating birthdays of all those wonderful people in our lives. It is important to encourage each other; everyone needs to know they are important. I certainly know I do. We need to know that we are here for a purpose, and not just hanging out tell we die. I know that is a weird way to say it but is really true.

In my family we have birthdays coming up including my birthday on May 17. Also my young Cousin Mike Shaw’s birthday is the same day. He has gone through a lot the last four and half months with a skiing accident that broke his spine where he needed surgery. It is remarkable how he has gone great rehab; he could easily been left paralyzed but has gone through quite a miracle change in his life. Doctors thought he could take nine months to a year to recover but he was out of rehab center in three months.    Having family and friends has really did encourage him.

First birthday I want to mention is my nephew Robby whose birthday is today April 27. He is the oldest son of my young brother Jack. He is going to Yale Law School where he is having a successful time. He has one year remaining until he graduates. This summer he will be doing an internship with the State Department.  He reminds me a lot of my older Dick; he is very smart, and cares a lot about people.

The next birthday is Ian who is the number two son of my brother Jack. He currently is going to Harvard University, and majoring in Computer Info Systems. He will be out my way this summer doing an internship at Microsoft working with databases. His birthday is two days later than Robby’s on April 29. There is three years difference between them.   He is just like me being the second son, and third child. I would say he is like me in some ways. He does some writing where he wrote his own book. You can purchase it through Amazon. Look for Ian D. Nightingale.  Also he has a really good sense of humor, and uses it to the fullest he can. So like me he enjoys having a good time.  He knows his gifts and talents, and goes for it.

My cousin Bronwen’s birthday is May 7. She shares her birthday with her mother Patty, and our Aunt Emily. Neither of them are around any longer, however, they were wonderful. I find it an honor to have had them both in my life.   Bronwen is a year and ten days older than I.  She has had a difficult life especially with her health as an adult.  She is blessed to have a husband Hank who is her best friend. It is really great to have her in my life.

Bronwen’s younger sister Jennifer’s birthday is on June 10. She is twenty-four days young than I, so she is the closest relative in age. We have always had to look out for each other since most of the cousins are older. Just kidding! Also she is wonderful, and has a son Ryan, and a husband Holt. They are both great guys, and I am sure Jennifer has a lot to do with it.

Have several classmates I grew up with have birthdays as well. So I want to honor them as well.

Though it is great to have birthdays and to honor everyone, it does get more difficult the older we get. It does seem time goes by so fast, however, if it can slow down the better for each of us.  Of course, we should not have to wait for birthdays to honor each other.  So let’s make each day to honor everyone. I make this Honor Day.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and enjoy this coming week.

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