Thursday, April 24, 2014


The next best thing in our lives to family is friends.  In fact, in many cases friends are a lot closer than family.  Many times we can feel better to share with friends than anyone in the family because of the situation. I know often at school the closest friends were able to help me out in situations I need help in. Also, I was able to help them as well.  Especially in sports when captains pick players for teams.  Often I was picked near the bottom though I knew I was better than those picked ahead of me.  My best friend Gary whenever he was captain always picked me first which always lifted up my spirits. I believe that is what your best friend is someone always there for you, and you for them.

Ideally one of your best friends is at least one of your siblings. It is really nice when families stick close together. I consider my brother one of my best friends though he lives on the east coast and I am on the west coast. We always talk every Saturday unless something comes up which is not very often.

If you are married your spouse should be your very best friend. I believe it is important because when things get difficult, and you need more than love they will be there.  I believe marriages would last instead of divorce if spouses were best friends.

Just remember what I am saying is my opinion, and I am not an expert just an observer.

 I know often young mother’s feel isolated, and having a lack of companionship. I think it is important for them to get out at least once a week if not more often. When I am walking I see often when there are at least two mothers’s walking, and pushing their babies. I think it is really cool thing to do.  It is important to get out in the evening without the children too.  Maybe once with girl friends, and then getting a baby sitter, and having the couple goes out on a date.

I get together with four or five other guys twice a month just to see how things are going. I see the same guys outside the group as well.

We are social beings, and we all need family and friends. It does seem difficult because our society everyone seem to be so busy. I go to a coffee shop almost every day not have coffee but have social interaction. Often I run into people I know while grocery shopping as well. Usually I run into someone I know. I wonder if I should try other grocery stores as well to see if I see other people I know as well.

One last thing is be friendly so you have a lot of friends. Family and friends we can’t have enough. By the way I consider you all friends.  Thanks again for reading. I continually hope I am encouraging each one of you. 

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