Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Field Trips

I found as a kid one of the fun things to do was go on a field trip in elementary school. I am sure most kids would agree.  The schools would call it a educational experience. I am sure I learned things from the trips; however, I enjoyed getting away from school.

I remember couple of the trips more than the rest of them except the details.  I am amazed that some of the kids I grew up with still remember things very well, but I don’t.

I remember we went to see Namu the Orca whale shortly after he was caught.  He was the first Orca whale ever caught. A couple years later they made a movie of him.  I don’t remember the details; however, I do remember being excited in seeing Namu.

Another trip I remember going on but not the details was going to the Woodland Park Zoo. We took the trip on a train, and it was the first time I had ever been on a train.  In fact, I never went on another train again until I was an adult, and I went to England, and Germany.  On another trip I went on train in France.  To go on the trip to Woodland Park Zoo we would have a Pop and Candy sale for the school.  It was a tradition where a class would do it every year. I believe it was in fourth grade.

These field trips gave me the idea of traveling. When I was twelve years old our family took a trip across Canada for the summer. If you look at one of my early blogs you will see my writing about it.

In junior high I was on the basketball team, and going on road games was also a very good time as well. In high school the choir would go on a yearly trip to perform a contest. It was very good time as well.  I had cousins in Seattle, Bellingham, and Vancouver B.C. so any trips were great as well.  Anytime to get out of Gig Harbor was a great time.  Gig Harbor being a small town going anywhere was exciting since every place else seemed bigger.  I would call it an adventure.

I would still call today going anywhere except maybe Tacoma an adventure.  I would say that only because I have been to Tacoma more times than anywhere else, and it is very close.

Life as a child is an adventure for most of us, and we will never forget.  More adventures we go on the better.  In fact if we can have the attitude as an adult like a child the better off we are. 

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