Thursday, May 1, 2014

Let It Shine

Most people think it rains all the time in the northwest which isn’t true though it does some of the time. Actually we have a lot of cloudy days, however, this week our weather is like summer being in the 80s. In fact it is breaking the record highs. Like all things good it will come to an end on the weekend when rain will come back. The sad part is so many things going on the weekend including opening of boating season.  Of course, when the weather is like this besides boating there is fishing, hiking, and camping among other things.  I enjoy the time of doing more walking around the harbor. I have to wear a hat to be sure I don’t get to much sun on the head. This all started with my mother doing so when I was a child because of my light skin. On the positive side I don’t have to worry about skin cancer as much as other people do.  Of course, it is not 100% preventive.

When it comes to be being cloudy the National Basketball League has an issue where they fined and suspended LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling for life where he spoke using racism. He showed that there is still racism in the USA.  I am sure most people knew it still occurred but would not speak it.  He spoke it in his home, however, it was recorded. I wrote earlier time that we do have freedom of speech; however, we can still pay for it in some manner which cost Donald Sterling in this case.  I am not why someone would allow it to be recorded, but he did. They are going try to make him sell the team as well, but that could be a lot harder to do.

Though racism is not as big as it once was; at least not in public anyway most of us do some stereotyping. It is likely more in the mind than anything.  We look at someone, and do some type of judgment of them.  For example, if someone is wearing a tattoo, and you don’t like them you may think of them in a negative manner.

I am sure when people look at me they think everyone like me is smart and funny.  The truth it is hard to be smart and funny I just pull it off so well.  If you meet my brother you may think he is smart and funny. He does have his moments, but he isn't like me.  We are very much of a small breed. Actually to be serious, stereotyping can be very dangerous as well. We can be hurt by others because of judgments they have. The truth is that we are individuals, and though we may look like others we have our own individuality.  Though we seem to hang out with others that we think are like ourselves we can actually learn a lot from those who are different than us. 

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