Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Laughter is Good Medicine

 When it comes to laughter and humor we should take advantage of it as much as possible.  We should all laugh at least once a day. Of course, teenage girls laugh at least once every three minutes on average. It could be overdone; however, we can still use a good laugh.

We have more blessings in the United States than most every country in the world, but we seem to be more stressed than everyone else too.  I think a lot of it has to do with work ethic; we expect more out of ourselves so stress occurs.  Also, I don’t think we are very happy either.  It is possible that we don’t enjoy our jobs very much, or spend too much time at work.  It doesn't help how much time people are spending in traffic as well.

A few years ago my nephew Ian was working as a counselor at a summer camp during his high school years.  He had gone to the same camp before becoming a counselor.  I was amazed by one of his fellow counselors who also had gone to camp there as well let him know that he was such a blessing to her because of his humor. She was going through some tough times, and his humor allowed her to laugh, and not have to think about those things.  It made me realize that since I am accustomed to using humor I should do more to help others in the same manner. Each one of us has talents, and gifts that we do not use as often as we should. If it is not humor, you likely have a talent that other people could receive from you. Sometimes we don’t think we can help others, but we can help others in so many different ways.  Another example, if you have the gift of hospitality invite people over, or take them out for dinner, or coffee.  Even if we have lot of friends or family we can always use more.  At some degree we are all lonely, or at least missing something in our lives.  I mention in my last blog we can all use a hug the same goes for a laugh.

If you do not know anyone that can give you a good laugh make yourself laugh instead. We can all use less stress in our lives.  Also, if you can see someone who needs a friend be one. The less we can think of ourselves the better. I hope this helps you out. Important for each of us to laugh at ourselves. 

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