Thursday, May 22, 2014


We are now going to be celebrating Memorial Day this coming Monday.  It is a great time to do so. The problem however is that most people go out of town and travel, and do not think at all about remembrance. Memorial Day is supposed to be the day we remember what the veterans did for us during all the wars. We are alive because of their sacrifices.

On the positive side most people do spend the time with their family. It is important to remember family members that serviced for our country, and those that are no longer with us.  Another day coming up is Father’s Day. It is a hard day because my father died close to Father’s Day. Also, my brother Dick died a year earlier than my father.  I miss both of them very much.  We should remember them all year long, however, it is nice to have a day especially set aside for the occasional.

We have other remembrances as well we should take into account as well. The mudslide in Oso, Washington occurred two months ago on March 22.  They are still working on getting a highway to go through, however, recently some workers walked off because of the danger that is still happening.

Other remembrances would be the bombing at Boston Marathon just over a year ago, the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, and Columbine High School.  Of course, the one remember a lot about is the Sept.11, 2001 with the taking down of the twin towers.

We have a lot to be thankful for; however, it is important to remember all the tragedies along with all the sacrifices.  There are those who continue to live lives through them all.

The thing we need to remember most of all we all have more to live for. We have those who have gone before us that live in our hearts that allow us to sacrifice as well. We can make a difference to all those around us with our gifts and talents. Many gifts and talents I received from both my father and mother along with the generations before hand.

When you eat and spend time with your family remember everyone in your family and friends. Thank them for all they have done for you.  Also, if you meet a veteran say thank you to them as well.

I remember you all, and thank you all for reading this blog, and being a part of my life whether near or far. 

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