Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thanking You All

I want to thank you all that are reading my blog. I really appreciate very much.  I enjoy writing it, and hopefully helping and encouraging each one of you. Also, I feel very encouraged as well.  Just saying being a single man who would love to be married I feel alone at times, but knowing I have friends really helps.

What I like especially is not only I am getting a lot of reads in United States, but I am getting people reading from Canada, France, Germany, Cambodia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and this week Australia.  I have family in Canada as well as France, and Australia.  My sister lives in Quebec along with her sons Ken, and Conner; however, I have first cousins in British Columbia.  Also, I have cousins in France and Australia. It is nice to have people in the other countries that I consider friends as well.  I may even say you are like family as well.

My mother grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada so that is how I have cousins in British Columbia. My sister’s late husband was Canadian as well; however, I feel very close to being Canadian as well though I have grown up in United States.

When I was twelve years old our family took a trip across Canada along with eastern USA during the summer. I have written before about the experience. I would have to go back someday. Of course, I would like to visit France and Germany once again along with Australia. I actually have relatives in South Africa as well so some day to go there too.  I would love to see anyone who is from the other parts of the world visit Gig Harbor, Washington too.

Again I want to thank everyone who reads my blog.  I feel encourage by what I write as well.  We are all family whether we have met or not.  I feel family is not just blood alone; sometimes we are with others more often than with our blood relatives.  If we are from a tight family we know they are with us at all times.  I feel you as part of me.  I can’t wait to see you again. 

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