Sunday, June 29, 2014

Seeing Old Friends

This last Saturday June 28 I was able to see several old friends by going to a wedding right here in Gig Harbor.  The groom I saw grow up, and now he is a wonderful man.  Along with the bride they look like a wonderful match together.

Actually I have known the groom’s family all my life since I grew up with his father, uncles, and an aunt.  I don’t see any of them very often anymore, however, it is always good to see them when I do.  Also, saw others that I do not see very often anymore as well.  It is a lot like a family reunion except able to honor, and see the bride and groom start their lives together.

Though most of these friends I don’t see very often it is a really great to see them each time. Also, I enjoyed meeting a few new people that I can call friends as well. Every one of them I would like to see more often but life often is so busy.  

The great thing about friends is that they are friends forever.  I try to make everyone I meet to be called friend.  Almost every day I go to a coffee shop in Gig Harbor to see those I now call friends.  Once in a while I will see some old friends there as well. 

Coming up this week is Canada Day, and Independence Day (more known as 4th of July).  Of course, Canada, and the United States are two of the greatest countries of the world. I know we are very blessed though neither country is perfect by any means.  It is important for each of us to pray for our countries, and our leaders. Also, I pray for you in other countries, and your leaders that peace will continue or come to you. We must fight for our countries through prayer.  We must pray for changes that need to happen as well.  A lot of change is in people’s mind.  I won’t go any further for respect to others. People think different today than 20 or 30 years ago.

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