Sunday, July 6, 2014

Continue Encouraging Others

I sometimes wonder if I will run out of something to write about. I think it is important to write about some things over again, but in another way. This is likely since I have written since the beginning of 2014 about making changes and using our talents. A lot of it has to be about encouraging others. If we use our talents at the fullest it is to help others. Our talents are not left to be used for selfish gain which is common in our world. Not only will it help others we will feel more fulfilling. For example, Bill Gates no matter how you feel about him being so rich he is using a lot of his money to help others.  In my opinion many non-profit organizations should go to him to be helped instead of the average person who is trying to get by.

I know several couples who have moved from Gig Harbor to help others.  The first couple Steve and Patti Gray moved from Gig Harbor to Italy over twenty years ago while they had small children. They both felt God was calling Steve to be a pastor in Italy. It was odd because they were not Catholic, and Italy is made up of so many Catholics.  Steve pastors an international church through Assembly of God where all the people who go to the church come to Italy from other countries around the world.  A young man Rick of Gig Harbor, his wife, and children are helping out at the church as well. Speaking to his parents last week they are there for the long haul as well.  Patti is not only helping her husband she is involved in running a school at the church as well. They ask young people not only from United States but other countries to come, and commit one year of teaching at the school.  I would like someday to visit them to see their talents at work.

Another couple I know Brian and Savvy along with their four children moved to Kep, Cambodia last September. They really felt that God wanted them to move there about ten years ago, but waited for the right timing. Actually Savvy was born in Cambodia, and moved to the Seattle area as a young child. The plan is to work with orphans, and they have opened a coffee shop as well to raise funds, and to live on.

A third couple I know Paul and Tabitha along with their four children will be going to Nepal. They are looking to work with orphans as well.  They don’t have a time frame how long they will be in Nepal for; however, they do plan it to be their live work. They both work in the medical field so what they will do will help many of these children out.

We do not have to go to another country to use our talents and to encourage others. Sometimes it is hard to know what our talents are, but use whatever we have.  Many times we have to just try something. Also, I know others who have come to Gig Harbor from other countries as well. So it not only works one way. It used to be that the United States was the largest country to send missionaries to other parts of the world, however, now other countries like South Africa are sending people to the United States. As you likely know I want to travel to other parts of the world; it possibly maybe on a small mission trip for a few weeks, or to live in another country. I will always consider Gig Harbor my home; however, I want to help others in many other places.  Of course, I believe encouraging others like you to encourage others is part of helping others.

I believe the number one thing you can do is beginning with helping your neighbor. It could easily be starting with a smile, or saying hello. I am sure I will write more about this while more ideas come to my mind. I will write about others as well who are helping people whether in United States or in another country. 

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