Thursday, July 3, 2014


July 4 is when the people of the United States of the America celebrate the independence and founding of their country. Right now it is the most powerful nation in the world though it has been around less than most countries of the world.  Of course, it does not mean that it will stay that way.

I believe the main reason it is the most powerful nation right is the ideas and concepts of the founding fathers.  We have heard throughout history that powerful governments have fallen mostly from within. Our government is not perfect by any means but has nothing to do with the ideas and concepts but with those within the government.  Like I said any government will fall because of what is happening within. What I like about the government it is democratic so people have a voice to decide what happens.  There are check and balances that keep it that way, however, if the people decide to turn away and act in a very bad manner than falling within is possible.

In regards to my family my father’s ancestors came to the United States about a hundred years after independence. So his family came over from England; my grandfather came over in 1904 from Birmingham, England, and started working for Tacoma Light Company.  When he came he had a sister living in Bellingham, Washington, however, there were other relatives who came over twenty or thirty years before him.  On my mother’s side of the family my maternal grandmother’s family came over from England in the 1700s, however, they were pro-British so they went from Virginia to Canada. I am not sure exactly when my maternal grandfather’s family went to Canada from Scotland. I am not sure when they came over but it likely was in 1700s as well.  My maternal grandmother lived in Nova Scotia while my maternal grandfather lived in Montreal, Quebec. They met in Western Canada; my grandfather was a banker, and my grandmother a school teacher.

So as a citizen of the United States I am second generation on my father’s side, and first generation on my mother’s side.  I am very blessed to be born and raised in the United States.  I would really like to visit more of Canada along with England, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, South Africa, and Cambodia among them.  I hope I can get the money to do so and write about my travels. I have relatives in Canada, England, France, Australia, and South Africa. Also, I have close friends who now live in Italy and Cambodia. I have been to Germany before so it would be nice to go back again. My brother Jack lived in Frankfurt, Germany for two years.  I am very happy there are those who are reading this blog in Russia, and Ukraine so I would love to see those countries as well.  Actually it would be nice to make a trip around the world. I am not sure if I will be able to make all those places but I sure like too. 

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