Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What Comes to Mind

Last weekend I realized that my sister lives near and works in Ottawa, Ontario; my brother lives near and works Washington D.C. If you guess right like me they are in the capital of Canada, and capital of USA.  
I still live in our small town of Gig Harbor, Washington. We may think as far as influence goes Ottawa, and Washington D.C.  seem to be more than Gig Harbor because the difference of large cities, and a small town.  It is really true, however, Gig Harbor has about ten thousand people they also have a lot of influential people too. My old   neighborhood on the waterfront the average home is around a million dollars, however, many people travel to many different parts of the world as far as business.  I am saying this as a point to say we can be influential no matter whether we have a   lot of money or not.

I believe the most influence has to be whether we are open to other people or not.  Both my sister and brother have influence mainly because of their jobs. My sister is a paralegal for a law firm primarily dealing with patents, and copyrights while my brother is a business consultant.  They deal with the same type of people. My sister law firm defends clients who have established a product, or an idea where someone else comes along with a possible product, or idea that may is the same.  Both sides have to defend themselves for the judge to decide whether they are or not. My brother as business consultant will help to find if the product or idea can be sold successfully.  There are a lot of things that go into it, for example, where to sell the product as well if they can make a profit.  Also, they may have an existing product that they may want to expand to another market. In both cases their experience and advice will decide what their client will decide.

Though my sister and brother will influence people in the business world we can help influence and encourage people on the personal side. We can do so with our friends, family, fellow employees, and new people we meet at a coffee shop, restaurant, walking along the waterfront, or in the park.  I believe most people like someone give them a smile, or listen to them.  We are all looking to have relationships with others.  The biggest problem is most people are very busy in life, and want to go home after work. What I like about a small town like Gig Harbor is everything goes at a slower pace than a city like Ottawa, or Washington D.C...If you have close friends at work I suggest going out together for few minutes. I know with my damaged heart it is so easy be stressful during the day, and would be great to unwind for those few minutes.  

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