Friday, July 11, 2014

Retiring Community

So-called experts say that Gig Harbor will be eighty percent retirees in the next ten to twenty years which means I will be one of those people.  I am not sure they will be correct; however, they have built a few new assistant living, and senior housing centers.   If this is true than more centers for seniors will be built. It is contrary to what has been going on in Gig Harbor. I would say when I was growing up Gig Harbor was likely eighty percent young families.  I do now see that there are less young families, however, I am not sure if it will increase to eighty percent. I would say closer to sixty percent.  If it does go up to eighty percent I would say less houses will be built. Most likely the young families that would still be in the area looking to purchase a home would be looking to remodel those home that need work to be done.

There is a town called Sequim (pronounced skuim) which is about 90 minute drive north of Gig Harbor. I would say it is likely close to eighty percent retirees.  Besides Gig Harbor I recommend visiting Sequim. It is an inlet on the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  I consider it a great place to visit for the day.  The two places I would visit at Sequim is the Olympic Game Farm, and Dungeness Spit. The Olympic Game Farm has animals that have been used on Disney shows and movies.  It is a place where you drive threw, and likely the buffaloes will come along the side of your car. I would recommend keeping your window up at least at that point because buffaloes like to slobber, and I am sure you don’t want to get a wet one. The Dungeness Spit is world famous for the Dungeness Crab.  There is a five mile hike along the Dungeness Spit. When I was a young kid our family visited the Dungeness Spit my older brother Dick went way ahead of us. My younger brother and I were both hungry so we decided to go eat, and let Dick continue his walk. I don’t think at the time we could even see him, and we figured we go back to find him when we finished eating. When we went back to find him he was walking along the highway without a care in the world. We still laugh about it today.

Sequim has a lot of retirees because it not only a beautiful place, but it has at least half the rain that Gig Harbor has for the year. They say the amount of rain is about the same as Los Angeles less than sixteen inches a year.  As far as population goes it is about the same as Gig Harbor, however, the area is much different. For the retirees they do have several golf courses to play nearby. What makes it really amazing about the rainfall is that Sequim is near the Olympic Rain Forest which has more rain than any other rain forests in the United States.  I recommend going there as well during the summer time.  You may find it raining but not nearly like it would be the rest of the year.  

I feel anyone visiting the Olympic Peninsula for at least a week will have a wonderful experience. I believe it will be something you will remember the rest of your life. Get yourself a map, and see many places to visit on the Olympic Peninsula. 

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