Wednesday, August 27, 2014

College Bound

Well summer is about over. Technically it ends in just less than a month but the children are ready to go back to school, and this includes college.

Our two primary public colleges in Washington State one has already started and the other in four weeks. I know it seems weird; however, Washington State University is on semester so they have already started while University of Washington begins near the end of September. They are on the quarter system. The other public and private colleges begin somewhere between now and end of September.

I know some parents are saying good bye to their children for the first time while others it has been going on for some time. My brother and his wife are now onto their last child going off to college. In the past my sister-in-law always help the kids start their college career. This time my brother was able to go as well. So they are officially empty nesters. Last year Danny spent school in Paris, France so they actually were empty nesters last year but I am sure they feel it more this time around.

One my childhood classmates David and his wife are now empty nesters as well. It is a little different as well because in May they became grandparents. There old son and wife had a son. Though not living at home they will be around. Besides not having the youngest son around they have to get used to not going events their children were involved in especially sports, choir, and band. I am sure it is adjustment they have to make after so many years. I am sure Dave will keep in touch with the other parents they became friends with.  My brother moved to another town so it is not the same.

I am not an expert by any means but I hear so much about couples splitting up when their children are all gone. Some would call it midlife crisis. I think the couples may need to become friends and lovers once again. It is so often being busy with kids that couples lose out on their relationship. I would recommend for couples that still have children at home to go out on a date every week, or at least twice a month. I know it is easy to become so busy you lose out on your relationship, however, for relationship to continue I believe it is a good idea. This would work for the couples who are now on their own again. Go out on dates including the place you first met, or went out on a date. I think it is a shame to split up, and not enjoy the grandchildren together. I know you do not have to listen to me, but I think it is a good idea. I know I would love to be in your position. 

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