Monday, September 1, 2014


On Friday Aug 29 I wanted my family and close friends know what is going on my life. Now I have decided to let everyone else know.

I found out several weeks ago that I was told by doctors that I had a heart attack at least ten years ago without knowing it. My primary doctor found during a normal examination that my heart was skipping, and he thought I see a cardiologist. I went through more of an examination with the cardiologist that was found I had a damaged heart.

On Sept.23 I will be going through a procedure called cardiac catheterization. It can take up to two hours or so depending on what they find out. They go up through my groin to my heart.  Anyway I have asked for my family and close friends to pray for me. I ask the same from all of you as well. I wish the procedure was this week instead of waiting for three weeks.

It is really encouraging how much family and close friends think of me. Very kind words they have spoken. I have said before there is nothing more important than family and friends. Sometimes we see friends more often because they are closer to us, and we see them more often.

I have written before about changes in our lives this year. I find how important it is for us to do so. I believe circumstances like what I am going through right now will make us a lot stronger. It takes faith and perseverance on our part to do so. I hope that you all are working on the changes and you are being successful. As I have said we are all on a marathon and to finish the race strong. It is important that we are examples to others so they can finish strong as well.

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