Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Are You Sure

First thing I am going to try writing this blog a little shorter now and in the future. I find it hard to do though but I hope to be able to do so. I may try to write in more installments about a subject.

My brother Jack last Saturday when we were talking on the phone that one his co-workers and her boy friend did a trip to Oregon in August. They both had such a good time they thought about moving to Oregon.  He wanted them to know that the weather in November will be much different than August.

A lot of times going somewhere on trip during good weather will want you to move to the place, however, Oregon is a lot like state of Washington where the weather is much different in winter than during the summer. Oregon and Washington have four seasons though the winter in not as brutal as some places. We do not have the snow like they have on the east coast. I would say Oregon may have more snow than Washington because they have only one mountain range while Washington has two. In western Washington we have the Cascade and Olympic Mountains so it blocks out the amount that may happen.

We will be having some rain in September and October but generally the raining season starts happening in November. Often September especially has what we call Indian Summers where the sun comes out quite frequently.  As a native it is easy to get used to rain and cloudy dates during the winter and spring. There are a lot of people who go south to California and Arizona because of the rain in the winter and spring. Though I get used to the rain I enjoy the time when the sun comes out.

I expect many places are pretty nice during the summer but the winter is a whole different story. Unless you like rain I would not recommend moving to Washington State or Oregon. 

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