Friday, September 5, 2014

September Brings Change

The one thing that September brings is change. First of all we know the change goes from summer to fall. Right now here in the northwest it is still feeling like summer though the evenings are cooler. By the end of the month it will look and feel like fall. Those who put it off are now cutting their grass, and trees along with the leaves that are coming.

A real big change is the little ones who are off to pre-school or kindergarten for the first time. I saw yesterday a little girl who was with her mom by herself. Her older siblings are now in school, however, I believe she will be going to pre-school soon for three days a week. Of course, mom now has a change in her life where she will have time without children part of the day. Later in the day the house will be noisy and she will be making dinner for all.

There will be other children going from elementary school to middle school to high school. For some they will be taller, or at least wearing a larger shoe size. They will be wearing new clothes for at least a few days. They will have new teachers along with maybe new classmates. There may be some who not only change school levels they may have moved to a new town, or at least a new neighborhood. My dad told us once that when he was in elementary school he went to a different school each year though he stayed in Tacoma all those years.  It is an adjustment meeting and having new friends.

Another change is high school seniors who have to think about what college they will go to if they go at all; maybe they will join the military, or get a job out of high school. They will be the top dogs at school along with thinking about their future. Some may already know, and some may put it off until later in the school year.

Last but not least we have those who have graduated from high school, and now have started their new life. Last year my nephew Danny decided go to France for a year before now embarking on college. Last August my brother Jack and his wife moved to Virginia from St.Louis, Missouri so now Danny goes off to college from a different city. Talk about a change.

Anyway I want to congratulate everyone on the changes in their lives especially my friends Gabriel and Sarah who just had a baby girl yesterday. Talk about another change that happens for couples. 

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