Friday, September 12, 2014

Enjoying September

I say that September is one of my favorite months of the year. One of the main reasons has to do with the weather. September is a month that starts getting cooler than July and August. It is still very warm the first half of the month or more during the day time while at night it is getting much cooler. I have heard friends saying it is cold while I really enjoy the temperatures. Of course, it is starting to get close to fall as well.

Growing up I did not like September so much because I had to go back to school, however, the temperatures allowed me to enjoy recess, and looking forward to when school got out. Most days after school usually went to the city park and play football with other kids in the neighborhood. Also, we got one day out early from school go to the Puyallup Fair. It is now known as the Washington State Fair. It takes place in Puyallup, Washington which is east of Tacoma. It takes about half an hour to drive to Puyallup depending on the traffic. Enjoyed going with other kids to the fair to go on the rides. Of course, it depended if we could get a ride or not. If I could not make it that day at least was able to enjoy the rest of the day away from school. We may have had to go to the fair on another day; besides the rides had candy, pop corn, hamburgers, and scones. We could also enjoy the horses, and other farm animals. Another thing was a lot of music happening around the fair as well especially country music. I don’t go every year now but still a good time.

Another great thing about September I am able to enjoy the end of baseball season, and the beginning of football. This year is really good because the Seattle Mariners are in the playoff chase. It has been ten years since it has happened. Also, the Seattle Seahawks are defending Super Bowl champions so this year it exciting to see if they can repeat. The last time a team repeated was ten years ago as well the New England Patriot.

I hope that your September is going well, and you are having a good time. It is important because not only fall is coming but winter will be close as well. I enjoy the snow; however, we do not get much snow in Gig Harbor so it is only cold along with rain. Usually I have to go to the mountains to enjoy the snow.

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