Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hanging Out

The most important thing we can do in our lives is to spend time with others. I know that some find it hard to do or a funny concept but it is true.

In our society it seems to be that most people work a lot of hours at their job each day so they feel like going right home afterwards. It is the wrong thing to do. It is important to spend time with others whether it is co-workers, family or friends. In some cases those you do not know very well. It is not as though you have to go spend an hour or two at one time with others but a few minutes would be good for you. It is important to take time out by yourself as well. It is my opinion that I am saying this but I am sure experts will agree.

Growing up for me was not easy time. I only had a few close friends and school was not a place I enjoyed going to, however, I believe the interaction I had with other children was important to the development of my life though it was not always easy. When I was four years old I had a hearing problem so I had problems communicating but they did find out the problem and corrected the issue, however, it take me a few years to feel comfortable talking with others though I sure tried. In elementary school I got sent out in the hallway a lot for talking too much in class.

Because of experience in school I am not a big fan of sending little children to pre-school or kindergarten but I do think it is important to do so. I know that sounds strange saying so but it is true. I do not think it is right to send children that young for teaching because they are going to spend enough time in school; however, it is important for them to interact with other children. Going to school playing with toys and games would be fine but learning different subjects I think they should wait. Of course, I think it depends a lot in the child because everyone learns at a different time. For example, my older brother was very smart and started reading at two years of age so it made sense for him. In these kind of cases would be learn at home or get a tutor to help.

Anyway I am going to stop here for now on the subject but I will continue next time getting a little too long here.

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