Friday, October 24, 2014

The News

Here in the Seattle, Washington area like I am sure in many other areas of the USA the local news has increased. I am sure to be able to compete with the cable news companies.

 The news here starts at 4:30 am until 7 am for local news than goes to national news. I am not sure why so early. Even if I had to get up that early I would likely not watch the news. In the afternoon the news now starts at 4 pm until 7 pm, and the nightly news from 9 pm until 11 pm. So we have lots of news along with the weather. Also, I can receive news on social media as well. It gives me links to the stories.

We can say we are being over saturated with news which is true, however, sometimes it important to receive news that is close to us. For example, on Wednesday October 22 there was the international news where a soldier was shot and killed at the Parliament in Ottawa, Ontario which is the capital of Canada. This story was close to me because my sister Barb works near where the shooting occurred so it made me very interested what happened. The best thing she did was send me an email letting me know that she and her co-workers were OK.

Most of the time I do not watch that much of the news, however, it is nice to know it is available since I do have family all over the place and occasionally something happens where family is in the area. Most of my relatives are in Western Washington so the local news sometimes is important. I am sure most people are in the same boat where family is close by but have family in other locations as well. It is really nice to know that news can travel so fast now that we do not have to wait to find out.

There is other news like Ebola that happens where we are not sure how it will affect us. I find that we can panic for something like Ebola that we do not really understand. Another thing is we are not sure how much of the truth about Ebola we are told either. There are other issues like aids when it came out, or what is happening in other parts of the world like the Middle East. The whole thing is that we cannot do much about it so why panic. It would be easy to feel fear all the time along with being paranoid.

The main thing is that when we wake up in the morning we do not know what the day will be like. We can only do the very best, and be 

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