Friday, October 10, 2014

Welcome Back

You may be thinking about a friend, a foreign diplomat, or Vice President Joe Biden who just visited Seattle. Actually I am writing about the rain which will be returning this weekend.

He has been gone for five months on a longer summer vacation, and he is expected to stay for about seven months. Most people have been looking forward to his return since the sun has been around for so long. I do not mind him returning, however, I hope he allows the sun to come out sometimes. The problem with the rain is that he is somewhat of a bully, and only allows the sun to come out every once in a while. If he has his way he will come out on Halloween and make things not very good for the children. He especially does not like children. He does not like adults very much either because he remembers them as children.

Around here in the northwest he usually comes out as a drizzle. Only on special occasions he comes out as a downpour. One of his best friends is wind who likes to cause trouble usually around Thanksgiving. He wants people to lose their electricity, and have a miserable time. He doesn't like snow very much because he does not want it to be cold very often, and the snow upstages him.

Another of his good friends is clouds. He wants people in the northwest think it rains a lot more than it actually does. He believes that clouds make people very depressed; so much that some people actually go south for the winter. He really does not like birds either since he knows most of them will go south for the winter. He likes Canadian birds because he knows they do not like snow, and some of them will spend the winter in the northwest.

Since the rain is a bully do not allow him to get the best of you. If you can ignore him as much as you can. In fact the best thing to do is not use umbrellas. It makes him very mad. I know for those who have to walk a distance to walk after parking need a umbrella.

Have a great weekend. If rain comes your way just laugh at him; do the same with his friends. 

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