Saturday, November 29, 2014

At It Again

On Thursday evening Thanksgiving the Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers 19-3. It was exactly the same score that they beat Arizona last Sunday. Again the defense played great and the offense could only score one touchdown.

What made this game better was the offensive line did a much better job against the 49ers. Though Russell Wilson had to run around a few times he did not get sacked as many times as he did against the Cardinal. He was more effective against the 49ers when he was running he was able to find open receivers; however, the results were the same again.

The first half especially the 49ers played pretty good defense as well. It did look like the first team to score would win the game which happens to be the Seahawks. The 49ers did not score until late in the game. The Seahawks were able to stop the 49ers both in rushing and passing. The 49ers had to punt many times in the game. They did look like they would have a break when John Ryan had trouble handling a punt but was able to get it off. On the same play though the 49ers fumbled the ball and the Seahawks were able to recover the ball.

The Seahawks next game is on December 7 and they will be playing the Eagles in Philadelphia. This will be another very tough game. The Eagles also won on Thursday against the Cowboys in Dallas. The Eagles are a very good offensive team so the Seahawks will need to play another great defensive game.

The loss to the Seahawks   brought a lot of turmoil to the 49ers. In fact the team owner and CEO wrote on twitter after the game apologizing to the faithful fans on how the team played. As things look right now Coach Jim Harbaugh may not be returning next season. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next couple weeks. The 49ers will be coming to Seattle on December 14 to play the Seahawks. There could be changes to that team when they meet.

This time of the year gets exciting in the NFL with teams playing within their division. Things can still be played out to see who wins all the divisions. The NFC South is the most interesting since Atlanta Falcons is leading the division 4-7. Other words the winner of that division will likely go into the playoffs with a losing record; also, the winner of each division play at least one game at home in the playoffs.

In College Football this is the last weekend of the regular season for most of the teams. Many of the leagues have a final championship game; for example in the Pac-12 Oregon Ducks and the Arizona Wildcats will play in their championship game. The Ducks must beat the Oregon State Beavers tonight and the Wildcats to move onto the NCAA Championship series.

Continue your wonderful holiday season and enjoy your favorite NFL and College football teams. 

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