Monday, November 24, 2014

The Good Times

This Thursday here in the USA will be Thanksgiving. It really begins the holiday season though channels like Hallmark have already start showing Christmas shows. As far as I am concerned to early. I really do not get into the Christmas spirit until December comes around. If you are one that has started already good for you but I enjoy waiting a little longer.

Anyway Thanksgiving not only allows me to be thankful for my life, family, and friends it lets me think about the good times in the past. Not only for those at  Thanksgiving and Christmas but other times of the year.

I remember when I was young we would have two areas to eat Thanksgiving dinner. The adults would eat at the main table and us the children would eat in a room we would often play games like Scrabble. In fact we would play Scrabble with Mrs. Gale who was the mother of my dad’s business partner. She was very good at Scrabble, however, at our ages who knew if we really knew right. Anyway she would beat us very soundly. There were times we would challenge the word, and we would look it up in the dictionary. She was always right so after a while we felt it was not worth challenging though we still wondered about those words. I am not sure if we have ever seen those words again.

Most Thanksgivings our cousins from Seattle would come. They were the ones my brothers and I sat with at table for dinner. It was especially special when we got older and were able to go to the big table. Later on when my sister got married our brother-in-law’s family would come for Thanksgiving. We would go to their place for Christmas in Lakewood, Washington which was about a half an hour at that time. Now you can go in about twenty minutes.

Though they are really good memories the sad part is that most of them are gone now. I do see my cousins now and then. In fact, one of them Bronwen recently moved to Lakewood with her husband Hank. The sad part their dog died a few weeks ago. I was given a picture of him for my birthday so I will keep it being very special dog.

I can say with the good times it is hard to think that most of the friends and family that came are no longer here, and I miss them very much. My sister and brother live on the east coast so to see them this time of the year is hard. I have visited both of them in years past though during the holiday season. Actually I will be seeing both of them in 2015.

The great thing about the internet and the social media we can save pictures and videos so much better. We can even take the old ones and save them on our computers. The small children when they get older we can show them so much easier.

Until next time remember the good times of the past and make new ones as well. 

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