Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Apple Cup

First of all for those who wonder what the Apple Cup means.  In college football in state rivals that when they play each other they have a name for the game; so the University of Washington and Washington State University play each other it is called the Apple Cup. The reason for the name is that apples are largest export from the state of Washington. Not only do they go throughout the United States they export to other parts of the world as well.

Many teams in college football play the rivalry game at the very end of the season. Only once have either the University of Washington Huskies or Washington State Cougars have ended a season playing someone else. 

Most years the Huskies have been favored over the Cougars; however, the rivalry is such no matter how good or bad either team is they usually play a very good game against each other. In fact several times the Cougars have won have kept the Huskies out of a big bowl game or the national championship. This year the Huskies were favored by seven points so most people thought the game could go to either team. The game was played in Pullman, Washington the home of the Cougars. The temperature was around nineteen degrees and it had snowed in the morning so Cougar fans thought they had a real good chance in winning. Unfortunately for them it was not the case. The Huskies won the game 31-13. The game really was not even that close. The Cougars did not score until the fourth quarter. What made this score surprising is the Cougars averaged over thirty points a game for the season, and this game was the lowest points they scored all year. The Huskies dominated the game both on the offense and the defense. The Huskies have had to work all season to improve their game. I will write more about that in a couple days. The game ended the season for the Cougars while the Huskies will go to a bowl game likely in January. Do not know who they will play right now; however, they should know no later than next week. 

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