Thursday, January 22, 2015

One More Game

It was very much touch and go for the Seahawks last Sunday. They played their worst game of the season; however, at the end they played very good to be able go to the Super Bowl. Though I had a hard time watching the game like many did I am glad they made it. I likely would be rooting for the Packers in the Super Bowl if the Seahawks had lost but it would be hard to do so. Throughout the game I thought this is not the way to end it. If they did not go to the Super Bowl I would want them to play at a high level not playing badly.

I know for some when they watch the Super Bowl they are looking toward the next season and enjoy the off season. I know that locally on sport radio fans start talking about who the Seahawks will take in the college draft, free agent signings, and who they may lose to free agency. Personally I do not care much about it until training camp starts. The next step for me is baseball and spring training that starts two weeks after the Super Bowl. The reason is that I am more of a baseball fan then a football fan. Also, basketball comes to the fore front but I am not as big of a fan as I once was. I do not really follow the NBA much anymore. In fact, I see that there are more losing teams then there are winning teams. I enjoy watching college basketball especially March Madness tournament. The problem with college basketball there are a lot of games to see on television so I will watch primarily the Pac-12 games especially the University of Washington.
I really look forward to spring training with the Seattle Mariners. Each year every team has some hope going into the season; however, some are out of the race for the playoffs by May. Last season the Mariners missed the playoffs by one game so the fans are really optimistic for the upcoming season especially acquiring free agent Nelson Cruz. He will be designated hitter and playing some outfield. The Mariners needed someone who could bat fourth in the lineup and add some power. Cruz even if he does not get the production of last year he will still be better than anyone who batted fourth last year. The Mariners are one of eight teams that are figured to make it to the World Series. It may not be possible but I would like them to make the playoffs.

Two years ago I went down for a week and saw spring training. It was a really good time. If you are a baseball fan I recommend going to spring training. You will find that it is very enjoyable, and you will be able to be closer to your favorite players. This weekend the Mariners have fan fest at Safeco Field in Seattle before heading down to Arizona. This is a good way to meet players as well if you can’t go down to spring training.

I am looking forward to upcoming season like I do every year. I keep some ear on football but primarily be watching baseball. I think it is good to be fans of more than one sport. 

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