Saturday, February 28, 2015

On the Way to Spring Training

Every year there is a baseball player who has mishap before spring training starts. Usually it is some freak accident that the player is injured and is out for a while or a season.

This year Dustin Ackley of the Seattle Mariners had something different driving from his off-season home in Michigan to Arizona. It was to be a four day drive; however, his wife went into labor half way into the trip in Oklahoma City. Some may say why did they not fly instead of driving since she is pregnant. Ackley’s wife was not due for another five weeks; around the starting of the baseball season. He arrived in Arizona just in time when the position players were required to start spring training. Because his wife had their son Parsons too early she had to stay at the hospital in Oklahoma City. I believe she is still there with Parsons. Not sure when they will be released and whether they will go to Arizona or Seattle. I am sure Dustin spends his time talking with his wife when not at spring training.

This coming season is a critical one for Dustin Ackley in Seattle. Right now he is the starting left fielder; however, newcomer veteran player Rickie Weeks will be seeing some time in left field. Up until now Weeks position in the major leagues has been second base. Of course, the Mariners have all-star second baseman Robinson Cano manning the position. Weeks will play second base when Cano needs a rest but the Mariners are going to have him play left field during spring training to see if he can play the position. Ackley has been inconsistent since he has been in the major leagues. He starts out slowly in the season; however, he has a good second half of the season. Neither the Mariners nor Ackley can afford him to start off slowly this season; if he does and Weeks is able to play left field and is hitting well than Ackley likely will go into a backup role.

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