Friday, March 13, 2015

Life Continues

Regardless of the circumstances we all know that our life continues on at least for another day. Even at best we all go through some trouble. For some it seems a lot more than others. The big question is why? If you know the answer let me know. Until we get to the other side I do not know that we know the answer to why.

For some they live a life with a lot of trouble while others seem as though life is an easier path.  Life is a marathon; however, none of us know when it will end. We all have known those whose lives were cut short way to early. I knew a girl in high school who died our junior year in a car accident. Her life ended when it actually was just beginning. I have known a few others who died shortly after high school either in an accident or illness. It brings up the question again why? What I am thinking is not just why them but why not me. When I was four years old I was burned cooking an egg on the stove. I could easily have died at the time. If my sister was not as close as she was and did not have the smarts to get our mother it would been the end of my life that day. In fact it was all about time because if my mother had reached me a few seconds later I could have lived with a scar on my face as well. I only live with a scar on my right side of the stomach and a little on my right arm. I am sure we have all heard amazing stories like this.

I am sure that I am alive today for a greater purpose like we all should be.  I still ask why because those who die young have a purpose as well. It really something to ponder about though we will not get the answer; the only thing I believe is that we can do the best each day as a purpose.  Make a difference in other people’s lives no matter how small or large.

My older brother Dick died in his late thirties. Again I ask the question why. He is the smartest guy I have ever known. Social gatherings were sort of awkward for him but if you wanted to know the answer about anything he would be able to give it. Also, he was one of the kindest men around. You can just ask my sister’s two sons Ken and Connor. He spent almost every vacation and holiday with them. In fact Ken would tell you that he models his life after Dick. I guess you could say though life was shorter for him he lived a life of purpose. I wonder what further accomplish-ments he would have performed if he was still alive today. Of course most of all I miss him.

I can just end this by saying that when our time is due whenever that is we live a footprint for others to follow. This really is not how I originally intended to write this though I am glad I did. I have something going in my life that I will write about at another time. The number one thing I can say is be happy even during trouble times. None of us know who is watching us.

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