Monday, March 16, 2015

Wounded Warrior Project

I am sure glad that we have nonprofit organizations to help others in need. I am writing this because whenever I see an ad on television about the Wounded Warrior Project why do we have a need? This may sound like unusual question but I think it is a valid question. I am not at all questioning the work the Wounded Warrior Project is doing I am wondering why we have the need at all. The reason I am saying this is that we have the Federal Government and the military should they not be fulfilling the financial needs of the wounded soldiers.

I believe that we all should be asking this question. Whenever we see a veteran or someone currently in service we thank them for their service to our country. My belief is that military should be taking care of their financial needs. At least up to certain point anyway. I am going to expand on this thought. If the serviceman is injured in war should not the military take care of all their needs including financially.  If the serviceman is able to work than they should have a job; however, if the job does not cover all their expenses the military should cover the rest. I am not saying the serviceman should live in high luxury living but should be able to live in a manner they can be comfortable.

I believe whether it is the Wounded Warrior Project, other veteran groups, and all of us as citizens of the United States our purpose should be to encourage wounded warriors in all other manners but financially. Other words we need to let them know that we are with them and if they need a friend we are beside them. The families of wounded soldiers should never know that they are alone. Each of them paid a price so we can continue to have freedom. Actually we need to help out all veterans in the same way we should be helping out all of our fellow Americans as though they are families and friends.

I want to thank all the non-profit organizations including Wounded Warrior Project for the work that they do. I am not questioning what they are doing I am questioning why our military and government is not doing more. Have yourself a really good week and hug a veteran and a serviceman along with your family and friends. Again I want to thank all of them for what they have done for our country.

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