Friday, May 8, 2015

A Mini Reunion

On Wednesday May 6 I had what we called a mini reunion with two of my classmates Emily and Sherry.

We went out for lunch at one of the restaurants in Gig Harbor. We had not seen each other in a long time though we have lived in the area all this time. It is amazing that we had never run into each other sometime during all these years.

We have been in contact through Facebook for the last couple years along with other classmates. It is through Facebook we decided to actually meet and catch up. We had the plan for several months but the health of Sherry and I we decided to wait until we were both feeling better.

It certainly was not your usual lunch time for sure. We spent five hours at the restaurant when we decided it was time to go. We actually were still talking while walking out to our calls. I believe we could have easily talked for another five hours. Other words, it had been so long since we had seen each other we had a lot of things to say.

At the end before leaving the restaurant we had our pictures taken together. Later Sherry posted them to Facebook which made a lot of sense.

We do plan to get together again. Another classmate wanted to join us next time which we said gladly. Yes we said we wanted to see each other again though we did not put another date together. As far as I am concern anytime would be great.

During the five hours we talked about a lot of different things. We talked about family along with other classmates. At the beginning we had one thing very in common with each other. All three of us are the third child in our families. We have two older siblings along with young ones. Of course, we laughed about that.

In our conversation we talked about the other children we grew up with as well. Emily and I were in the same grade school for the first couple years then her family moved where she transferred to another school in the district. We met up again in junior high and graduated from high school. Sherry on the other hand moved to Gig Harbor in seventh grade from Kansas. I did not realize that until recently when she mentioned it on Facebook. I had figured she came from the same elementary school that Emily attended. Though there were some kids moved into Gig Harbor the majority of us grew up in the same area the whole time.

One of the reasons we had not seen each other in a long time was that our class has not had reunions as often as other ones have. We had a ten and twenty year reunions but none since. I believe we have missed out. A couple years ago we had an all school reunion so I was able to see some at that time along with those from other classes. I really like the idea of an all high school reunion. In fact there is a plan for another one coming up this year.

Anyway, I realize that classmates are like family as well. Actually we spent more time with classmates then we did with our family on a daily basis. I hope to encourage everyone to find classmates as well as family for a reunion. The past helps us to realize our present well as the future.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. Do not forget to hug your kids.  

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