Saturday, May 9, 2015

Our Story

I have been told by a couple writers it is important for us to tell our story. It is what people want to hear about. It is something I try to do as often as possible on this blog; however, I find it important to encourage others as well. Hopefully telling my story is part of helping everyone out.

Let you know that your story is as important as mine. If you have the opportunity I encourage you to do so.

I have my mother writing some poems and writings she has read and spoken over the years so they can be seen for many years to come.

My mother recently had some of her life story mentioned in a newsletter for the local chapter of American Association University Women. She grew up during the depreciation in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. During World War 2 she read mail of German Prisoners of War who were shipped to Canada. After the War she spent a couple years in Paris, France working in Canadian embassy than she came to Seattle, Washington as a French War bride which is funny since she was not French.

This part of her life happened a decade before I even showed up on the scene. There is even more to her story which I will write more about in the future.

The important part of her story is that it is part of my story as well. My heritage includes Canada as well as England. You can read what I have told about our trip when I was a kid across Canada for the summer. It was one of my early writings in November or December 2013.

I look to travel throughout Canada in the future as well as England. This will allow me to learn more about myself through my heritage. This way I can share with my people on the blog.

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