Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Being Friendly

In most recent years I have found that people are becoming friendlier. I am not sure why exactly it is becoming this way; however, it could be starting with me.

What I mean is that I am purposely making myself friendly to as many people as possible so it could be the response I am getting back. The more you do something the more you get a return. It could be that our society in the whole is making an effort to do so.

About twelve years ago I made a trip to France. I spent most of the time in southern France because I have family there. I realized how friendly the French are. Not only do families get together for meals they meet friends and speak with them about their families and how life is going. Like a lot of Europe they often greet one another with a kiss on both cheeks. I thought wow I wish it would happen in the United States more often. I see that we are not as affectionate as are Europeans.

When I arrived back home I found it so much different than France. I mentioned it to some friends and they thought when they visited France that some people were rude. I realized at the time is often when Americans travel they are rude themselves to the people in those countries. Other words I can say there are rude Americans. A very good lesson is that you are treated in a manner that you are treated.

So if you feel that people are not being very friendly the chance is that you are not friendly yourself. I know it this sound harsh but it is true; however, there will be people no matter how hard you try will not be friendly. They are the ones I am also talking about.

When I go out walking every day I say hello to each person I meet with a smile. Most of the times I get a hello back as well; however, there are those who do not say anything, and they no eye contact either.  I wonder if that is the way they are or are they just having a bad day.

I try now not to take those people who act in a bad manner so personally anymore. The truth is not everyone will be friendly in each encounter. I believe what I can do is be friendly myself, and hopefully each person I see will have a better day. I can only do as much possible as I can do.

I really hope reading this will make everyone friendlier. We could be already very friendly but I believe we can get better and better. The most important thing is to do the best of our ability.

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