Friday, June 26, 2015

Beginning of Hot Summer

This year the weather here in the northwest has been mild more than any year I do remember. We started off with winter feeling more like spring other than a few days. Spring was above normal as well. There were days that became warmer than usual and felt like summer.

Now we are into June and the weather has been summer weather. Usually the summer in the northwest doesn’t begin around July 4; however, this year the temperatures have been into the high 70s and into the 80s the whole month of June. We have had on sprinkles of rain for maybe four days at the most.

I have never seen so much of the sun during the year like it has in 2015. I am sure the rain fall is far below normal. Usually the rain falls pretty regularly during the first half of June and the sun will show its face in the second half. Often it will rain just before July starts. I always considered summer jumpstart was Fourth of July weekend. This year there is no rainfall forecasted through the holiday weekend.

Growing up before school was let out for the summer the last few days the weather was nice and I like many kids did not want to spend the time indoors. We were not really studying very much at all either. In my case I tried to study the least that I felt was required throughout the school year anyway. In elementary school the last day of school we had field day. We had all types of activities throughout the day before be let out early afternoon.

Though I certainly enjoyed the summer the rain seem to always happen as soon as we let out school. It was frustrating because I wanted as much summer weather possible before heading back to school. In elementary school many of the years my parents sent off my brothers and I off the YMCA camp. Like many things I complained about having to go; however, I always had a good time. My mom new it would happen with me every time. I am not sure about my brothers because like you can imagine I never really thought much of what they were doing or saying.

When we were not in camp or going to summer school often we would go in work with our dad. It was a way for us to earn money. Our parents were not into giving us an allowance. We were either given money (make it clear not allowance) or we had to earn it. In the early years had to do chores or look for pop bottles that we could turn in for cash. I would say child labor at its finest.

Now back to present time I wonder if this hot summer weather will continue through September. You see here in the northwest the summer weather can last for maybe a couple weeks when we are back in school. I can say another gripe for kids. Every year in the second week of September we were let out on half day go to the Puyallup Fair if we felt like it anyway. All kids in the area were given free passes to get in. Of course the rides and food cost something. Another frustration happened going to the fair I am sure you can guess often it would rain. What can I say the life of a kid.

So everyone enjoy your summer and we will continue on the path here in the northwest. I sort of wonder though if rain will come in July or August to say don’t forget us.

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