Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sunny Weather

This year is the first time that I have seen so much sunny weather in the northwest in June. Not only has the sun been up the temperatures have been in the 80s for several days.

If you are a native son or have lived here for some time you know it is quite unusual for the sun to be out so much already in June though the month is not quite half over. Most June’s it rains the first of the month and at times good weather in the second half.

We are all enjoying this weather because it does happen rarely in June. I always figure that summer begins on July 4.  This year is an exception I see. The temperatures are supposed to cool down into the 70s over the next few days but we will still see some of the sun. I am sure it will be cloudy first thing in the morning for the temperatures to lower. According to meteorologists rain is not expected in the near future. We can say it is nice to have an extended summer but we could use the rain as well. It is hard to think that way since rain is very accustomed around here.

Since schools do not get out in the next week or so if I was a student I would find it difficult go to school right now. For me growing up though going to school was always a challenge. I can say it was not one of my favorite activities. I am amazed how much my nephews and niece enjoyed school over the years but they even like it when school gets out. I would say it is part of being a kid.

School though now gets out at least a couple weeks later than when I was going. I see more holidays happening during the school year. I found anytime getting out of school was a good time; however, I really enjoyed having a long summer.

This last weekend In Gig Harbor we had the Maritime festival which I showed pictures and mentioned on the last blog; the weather was so great that many families were out. The traffic at times was hard to deal with. I am sure those who decided to stick around home spent the time working in their gardens.

This summer will be a very good time for me. Early July we will be having a family reunion in Bellingham, Washington and in August my brother Jack and his family will be coming out for a week. We will likely spend a day up at Mount Rainier or in the Olympic Mountains. I have mentioned before that there are so many wonderful places to go in Western Washington. It is a great place to visit especially during the summer. Not only is it sunny it is cooler than many other parts of the USA. I know that it is hard to see everything in one trip so I recommend coming again and again over the years. This is a great place for kids to do things as well.

Though I have lived here my whole life I have actually not seen every place in the state. I hope to discovery more of Washington state. Also, the other states in the northwest are really wonderful to visit as well.

You can see that the pictures shown on the last blog post how beautiful it really is here. No matter the location beauty is all around us. I enjoy not only soaking in the sun but the beauty too. Whatever there is to do I enjoy just hanging out. Wherever you go for the summer enjoy it to the fullest.  

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