Friday, July 17, 2015

Let the Light Shine

I am sure you are thinking about the summer and the sun shining. It is a good presumption to think this way; however, I am actually talking about us encouraging others by letting our light shine.

What does all this mean is that we use our personality and our heart to help others to be the best they can be. I have mentioned before that kids especially can use a mentor in our society today. Also, we as adults can use a mentor as well. I believe the important thing is to have someone who can help us, or listen to us. Actually to bounce things off; part of it to have someone we can follow and use as an example to lead our lives.

I belong to a group of men from my church where we meet twice a month. When we get together we talk about has been happening since the last time we met. What has been good or bad happening in our lives. We sing and worship to one or two songs and end with prayer about things we talked about. What is great being part of a group of guys we feel comfortable with and go to anytime if needed. One of the guys in the group took me the hospital twice when I was going through surgery. It is good to have men that you can call friends and be accountable to. Several of the guys I have been in other groups for a lot of years. We call it church as much as going on Sunday’s.

The coffee shop I go to almost every day there are several groups of men that get together on a regular basis. It is really good to see men that you are familiar with and have a good time. Other words you can be the real you and not try being someone you are not.

I had a teacher in fifth grade that looked out for me for many years before she passed away. Her name was Mrs. Eaton she was the best teacher I had in elementary school. She not encouraged me that I could do anything I wanted and that I was worth watching out for. She was a member of my church so throughout the rest of my time in school she always asked me how I was doing. She was interested in everything I did. There were some other teachers also were examples that I could follow. Men and women that I had high respect for; I know they shaped me to be the man I am today. I recommend that you thank any one that has been a big influence in your life. Also, I hope that you receive the same appreciation if you have shaped others’ lives. Parents most of all should be the ones that make the most influence. Important thing is to thank them as well.

The greatest thing about it letting your light shine is that you likely don’t want to be credited for being a mentor or friend. Most men and women in this way are very humble people.

No matter how many friends we have we can always use more and there are those out there that are lonely who could use friend. So this summer enjoy the weather and the light that shines within you.

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