Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Living Today

Though I enjoy writing and thinking about the past living today is the most important thing of all. Of course, it can also be the hardest thing to do as well.

The older we get the more we seem to think about the past and the future as well. The deal is how we work with today. If you are around my mother’s age of ninety-five the past and the present is really all you have because there really is not much of a future.

When it comes to the future I think about my life for the next five years primarily. For most of us thinking ahead it is a good idea to think about the future in five year increments. It is important to start with the first year and work toward the five years.

For me the next five years will be about retirement and what I want to do during that period. Actually it is planning retirement because in ten years I will be retired. At this time I am not married so part of the plan is to be married. Of course, it has been part of my plan for many years; however, it has not worked out so far. I can think of regrets from the past about marriage and family; however, it really is not the right way to live. I feel it is more important that we all think about the good things of the past, and learn from those things that we can put into practice now and in the future.

Most people my age have grandchildren and enjoy taking part in their lives. Like I say I never married, however, who I do marry in the near future I hope will have children and grandchildren that I can enjoy. I suppose I can marry a younger woman and have children of my own. Though it is still possible at my age I am not sure I want to have children of my own. The main reason is that I want to see my children grow up and have children of their own. My plan is to be around for a long time reality sets in that may not happen. This is especially true when I see some of my peers dying. For that reason alone I find it really important to live today and one day at a time though planning for five years and beyond.

The most important part of my life today is to see people, and continue to build relationships. The older we get the more we realize how important family and friends are. For many they still may enjoy going to work every day but in the end those two things is family and friends.

For some friends maybe more important than family because you see them more often; I know in my case outside of my mother I only see my sister and brother about once a year. I enjoy the time we spend together but it is still friends that I am around more. I do have the privilege to talk on the phone with my brother almost every Saturday and my sister about once a month. Always gives joy in my heart to know what they are up to and the family news. These days with email and social media we can all feel closer together even though far away.

So remember those memories of the past, plan the future, and most of all enjoy today with passion.

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