Saturday, September 5, 2015

Opening Our Hearts

Every day we have the opportunities to have our hearts opened. Each person that we meet whether they are someone we see almost every day, once in a while, or new our hearts are opened to them to some degree or another.

These opportunities are not only open our hearts for joy but hurt as well. In some cases a bit of hurt comes in along with joy. What I mean is that those who I haven’t seen in a while bring joy; it has been some time along with hurt because you wish that you could see them more often. Those people I used to see them a lot and considered them close friends. Circumstances changed because they no longer go to the same church, work, or they moved. You feel hurt because you wish that you had stayed in contact whether your fault or theirs’s. Sometimes you lose touch even. There are some situations you feel awkward because of the way they left. I have found that in several situations. In time though the awkwardness goes away and when you see them the situation is a lot better. In fact one of you made the move to get together once again after so many years. This is when joy and sadness comes in the situation; however, you are really happy if you reconcile and you once again see each other more frequently than once in a while.

There are times where we all to some point or another we close our hearts off in certain situations because we are either bitter or we don’t want to get hurt again when situations like that comes up again; however, over time the bitterness or hurt goes away. This should occur with forgiveness; we should never hold onto bitterness and hurts for too long. It doesn’t do us any good at all.

This whole thing of opening our hearts and then getting hurt starts at a young age. In my life I had a girl that lived just down the road a little bit, and our mother’s would take turns taking us to kindergarten. I don’t remember a lot about that time of my life but I am sure she was my first friend. Her name was Polly; anyway her father died because of illness so her mother decided to move with Polly and her older brother before second grade. I was heartbroken because she was my friend and by the way she was really cute. We even kissed some on the school bus in first grade so now you can imagine how I felt. It was not the end of the story though in high school Polly moved back to town and I saw her at school. In fact we were in the same swimming class; however, I was too nervous and shy to talk to her except to say hello. Polly was no longer that cute first grade girl she was now a beautiful young woman. It was not the end of the story she switched to the private school my younger brother was going to. Every day I asked him how Polly was even if he didn’t talk to her. If the opportunity came I even went and picked him up so I could see Polly. My heart pumped really hard each day thinking about Polly. It was joy and sadness at the same time. I am sure everyone has gone through something like that in their lives.  Continue the story of Polly some years later my cousin Jennifer was visiting and told me about a woman she met in Seattle who I should meet and that was Polly. I had lost track of her but now I knew she was living in Seattle so what do I do next I say to myself. I got the nerve up to call her and I told her who I was. She screamed with unbelief that it was me. My heart was in such joy because had not forgotten about me. So I went up one evening to Seattle had dinner with Polly. I told her everything I just mentioned; it was such a good time though I have not seen or talked to her very often since. I have to say this may be time to contact her again. I believe she is still living in Seattle. Regard-less of time there is nothing more than the first person you feel in love with or at least had strong feelings for you never forget your Polly.

I keep my heart open even though I know the chances are that I may get hurt; however, that woman who I am longing for may come my way soon. She will be worth every second of heartache. I know every person who is in love and married for a long time knows what I mean. So everyone keep your heart open, and blessings to you.

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