Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September in the Northwest

It is September again which means that most everyone is back to their regular routine with kids back in school.

Here in Western Washington and the northwest the weather is usually still like summer during September. In fact, this weekend the temperatures are to reach eighty degrees. A lot of mornings it is overcast during the month but today the sun is already shining.

September is one of my favorite months because the sun is shining still most of the time but the temperatures are a little cooler around seventy degrees which is more to my liking. We do get a little rain in September but nothing like it does in the fall and winter. This year since the summer was hotter than normal and very dry it would be nice to have more rain this month. I am sure I will regret saying that in November but it is the truth. I would prefer for the rain to happen in the night when sleeping and I don’t care what the weather is doing.

I do see it is start going toward fall with it getting darker at night. Right now it is getting dark around 8 pm when only a few days ago it was 9 pm or later. I am sure I will see the trees and flowers changing color soon as well.

The children being in school now, and the weather nice it is actually the best time for visitors to enjoy our area since they don’t have to worry so much about crowd. The traffic will be heavy during rush hour both in morning and at night; however, if you are willing to get up early or wait until 9 am to get out and about it is perfect to be here.

The mountains already have had a little bit of snow this year which is much better than last year since we got only a little bit of snow. It is hard to know what kind of year it will be for snow this year so the mountains are a very good place to visit. Going on the ferries is a good idea as well. Nearby we have the Bremerton to Seattle ferry that I took with family in early August where you can walk around the Seattle waterfront, and go to the Pike Place Market. The Space Needle and the other sites around it are pretty nice to visit as well. Also, you can journey up to Anacortes, and take the ferry to the San Juan Islands. It is so much nicer now because you don’t have to wait for the ferries as much as you have to during the summer.

Here in Gig Harbor you can walk around the waterfront which is very nice and if you want to rent a kayak and go out on the water.  Port Orchard and Poulsbo are two other nearby towns that are very nice to walk on the waterfront and visit little shops as well. Like in the summer there are still so many nice places to visit in the area. Of course, you will be able to see Mt. Rainier looking its glorious self most days.  It takes about two hours to drive up to the mountain as well.

In my mind September is the best month to visit and have a really great time. I would bring some rain gear just in case it does rain a little or a lot. Oh before I forget the Washington State fair is going on right now as well in Puyallup. It is great places to go as well as long you don’t have a problem seeing a lot of children. Each school here has a free pass for the kids to get into the fair. I really enjoyed going to the fair when I was a kid. It didn’t hurt that we got out of school at lunch time either.

So if it isn’t this year I would make a plan to come to the northwest next September or some year anyway. Many blessings to you.

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