Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Enjoy the One You’re With

I guess you could say I am sort of on the same theme lately. Be happy, have the good times, and enjoy the one your with. I would say that all work hand in hand as well.

This week my sister is in town for a visit with me and my mother so I know I will be enjoying the ones I am with. This is truer today I believe than ever before. This month of October I am finding this more important than ever. I went to two memorial services of guys I grew up with, and then I heard about three others dying this month as well. I knew each one to one degree or another. One I knew better than the other two; however, I had not seen any of them since high school.

The one I knew the most we used to hang out in the library a lot during study hall and in the hallways between classes. Also, I enjoyed having good times during lunch in the cafeteria. We were not in the same grade so we never had any classes together.

One of the other guys was the same grade with the guy I knew the best of the three of them. I know I saw him occasionally around school but did not know him that well. He did seem to be a real nice guy though. The third guy was a senior when I was a freshman. He was on the varsity basketball team, and since I played some basketball myself I knew him in that manner. We played some pickup games with and against each other on occasions. His younger sister was in my grade so I knew him also as her older brother. I recall she had a younger brother too. I just heard about his passing on line through an old classmate that I graduated from high school with. She let us know that she lived next door for twenty years, and so she knew him pretty good along with his family.

So you see how important I feel it is to enjoy the ones you’re with because we do not really know how long they will be around. Of course, on the other hand we do not know how long we will be around either.

I do really enjoy the people I spend time with whether I see them almost every day, once a week, once a month, once a year, or I run into them at the grocery store, coffee shop, or library every so often. The memorial services I attended many of them I had not seen for many years either at reunion or in high school was the last time I had seen them. Many of them I know what is going in their lives because we are friends on social media; however, seeing these old classmates or friends it is much better in person. They have so much meaning to my life that I want to see them so many more times though they are not in my life on a daily basis. I especially like the fact they have thought of me over the years as much as I have them.

My sister and my brother I do not see as often as I really like because they live on the east coast but they are in my heart everyday just like my old friends, and cousins. Also, I enjoy those of you I have met on social media, and read my blog whether you do so a lot or once in a while. Though we have never met in person I still enjoy calling you friend. I do hope someday we will meet in person and enjoy being with.

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