Sunday, February 21, 2016


 We all have a definition of what beauty means to us. In fact there are those who write about beauty all the time. I am sure some of you have read a blog about beauty which I am sure has helped you out.

The one thing I want all of us to know including myself is that we are all beautiful in one way or another. On the outside we maybe just ordinary however inside we are beautiful. We know people that are beautiful on the outside however not as much on the inside. I am not writing this to criticize anyone whether we are beautiful or ordinary on the outside. I guess what I am saying we all need to work on the inside of ourselves. It is sort of interesting because this is not how I intended to write this in the first place but to be the person we all want to be we must work on things. The important thing is to figure out our flaws and work on them. I know that there are those who say I like myself just the way I am which is a good thing if you have many friends or at least the amount you want however if you are lonely to some degree we must look to improve ourselves.

Over the years I have taken friends advice about improving my outward appearance which has worked to some degree however I am still single. I have had people tell me how great I look but it hasn’t changed things. I am not here to put anyone down especially myself however I want others to like me for me so I have to improve on things inside too. Like I have said we all have a purpose and destiny; we all need to figure out what that purpose and destiny is for us. If you have figured it out I have to say good for you. Also, if you feel all beautiful inside let others know the secret because we can all certainly learn from each other. I know my purpose is to write to encourage others about their lives by writing like this or stories about my life.

Ok let’s look at other things about beauty. I know we all have our own opinions about beauty besides other people. We can all appreciate the beauty of nature whether it is flowers, plants, or animals. I know someone yesterday took his wife and two young boys to the zoo. I appreciate seeing animals at the zoo whether it is a bear, fox, dolphins or tigers who are all beautiful in their own ways. I really love dolphins because they always seem to be happy and having a whole lot of fun. I am sure we all wish we were that way all the time. The bear and tigers are both quite adorable when being babies however turn into dangerous animals. They are beautiful to look at however we know to stay from them and not to make them pets. We could say the same thing for many other animals that is the reason most of us have cats and dogs because they are mostly tame. The fox does look pretty or at least handsome anyway however they are dangerous to though likely not as much as the bear and tiger.

The most important thing is for all of us to appreciate all the beauty that is around us which includes ourselves. So if you didn’t get what I said at the beginning I will repeat myself by saying you are beautiful regardless what some people may think or say. The important thing is to hang around those people who appreciate you the most. I recommend today going around saying you are beautiful even if it is under your breath for others not to hear. If you have to go out into the woods where no one can hear you and shout it as loud as you can.

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