Monday, February 22, 2016

There is No Place Like Home

For most of us there is no place like where we grew up or where we still may live.

Other than a short period of time I have lived my whole life in Gig Harbor, Washington. Though I hope to do some traveling in the future Gig Harbor will always be home to me.

My sister and brother have been out of the nest of Gig Harbor for a long time however they still consider it home. My sister especially likes living in Quebec, Canada and plans to make it home the rest of her life however she still has strong feelings about Gig Harbor.

I know a lot of people who grew up in Gig Harbor and moved away but feel strong ties to the area. For some they don’t plan to move back to Gig Harbor because the area has grown so much since they left and the prices of homes has grown as well. Though this may be true the feelings still not change.

Gig Harbor is not the only place where this happens. I expect that most people who have moved away from where they spent their child years feel the same way. I know that some whose fathers were in the military and moved a lot may not have the same feeling like most but I am sure where they had their favorite moments will call that place home.

Most likely those who have moved several times after growing up will call the place they raised their children the second most important home or if you have retired the place that you live now.

I know what I am saying does not apply to everyone because you see nothing is definite for us all. Regardless of it all we should enjoy wherever we are at this moment. Like I say the future for me will be doing some traveling and when I do I want the place at the time feel like home but I do know that Gig Harbor will always be on mind. I likely will miss this place that I will have to return for a visit.

Though I do not live in the same home that I grew up in I go by the house every once in a while because I consider it home. That house brings back so many memories. Actually when I am out for a walk down on the Gig Harbor waterfront I am able to see that house across the bay. I have pointed it out to others as well.

I really do hope if you live away from where you grew up that you have the time to go back for a visit even if you do not have any family there anymore. Remember it is where you made your mark even if the memories are not as good as mine.   


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