Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy St. Valentine’s Day

This is one day that couples should not forget especially the husband or man. I believe that love is the greatest emotion and feeling we should have. Also, we should live for love above anything else.

I know a lot of people are into working and making as much money as possible, however, I believe without love how much does anything else really matter. I can say this because I have been looking for the special person I can love more than anyone else. I am single and I would prefer being married. I know some people will say that you are nuts and you should stay single. I believe that has to do with how you feel though I don’t believe the same way.

I know a lot of people are hurt because how their marriage turned out. I have to say I am sorry however do you remember your first love whether you married that person or not. How about your children do you remember them at all times? If you have children and not have a partner I recommend that you give them a Valentine card. I am sure they will appreciate it from you even if they have a partner or they are married.

On Friday a breakfast group my mother belongs to who meet every Friday one of the ladies gave each of us a Valentine’s Card. I felt this as an honor; you see my mother no longer drives so I take her now to Friday breakfast. Though I don’t know those who attend very well I find it great to be included. My mother used to attend the YMCA where she played water volleyball and this where she met them all. She gave up water volleyball several years ago however was invited by the others to continue coming to the breakfasts. She has been part of the group for around thirty years.  One of the members of the group died this last week from cancer so mother and I will be attending her funeral service this afternoon. The only people I likely will know is those in the Friday breakfast group however the lady though I did not know well always had a smile on her face. She died from an aggressive cancer. When she found out she had only two weeks to live. The cancer came on very quickly because two weeks before that the doctor said that she was in very good health. It really does show we do not know how much time we have. It was a blessing that she went quickly however I know her family, those in her nursing home, YMCA group, and all those others who knew her will miss her. I consider her a gift of love so her funeral on St. Valentine’s Day seems pretty appropriate. I am sure I will remember her every St. Valentine’s Day. Though I didn’t know her very long she was a friend of mine. We do not have to measure a friend on how long we have known them just on how feel about them. So if you can’t think of someone to give a Valentine card to at least give one to a friend. I am sure they will really appreciate it. You can sign it your friend ….. So I will end this being my Valentine card to you signing your friend Herb.

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