Monday, February 15, 2016

President’s Day

Today February 15 we are observing or celebrating here in the United States of America the birthdays of President George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

When I was growing up the schools were closed twice each for President Washington and Lincoln in two different weeks in February. I am not sure when it was changed. The school district I grew up the students and faculty take the whole week off for holiday and then another around Easter. Not all the school districts do this; for example the school district nearby in Port Orchard takes two days off today and tomorrow. I am not sure when they take a spring break.

I do not really remember when we took a spring break growing up if we took one at all. I do know though whenever school was out for a break I always enjoyed the time. You see I was not a big fan of school. The more I was out of school the better I felt. I know some kids enjoy school and I am really glad they do I just was not one of them. I was not very popular in school and I struggled for a long time in class. It did not help that I spent time out in the hallways for talking too much. I did though enjoy college when I finally decided to go. So I am glad for those kids who do enjoy school.

 In U.S. history classes George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were two of the biggest heroes of the United States of America. Washington was general and commander-in-chief during the American Revolutionary War defeating the British leading to the formation of the country. Washington was the first President of the United States with two terms. The story I always liked was about him telling his dad about chopping down the cherry tree. He could not tell a lie said. The one visit I had quite a few years ago I visited to see his home in Mt. Vernon. What I remember most was how many fire places there were. I can’t remember exact amount but around ten I believe. No other way to heat the place.

Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States during the Civil War so he was one that saved the country; however, he was assassinated while in office. He was known as Honest Abe and hearing his greatest speech the Gettysburg Address.

So I consider quite an honor that we celebrate both these great Americans who made our nation into a great one. Of course, both had there falsas like all of us however two men we could follow as examples. So today we salute you both and remember you both greatly. What a wonderful President Day.  

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