Saturday, February 27, 2016

Singing A Song

I believe there is nothing better for someone to do is sing around the house when no one else is around. The second thing would be to sing in the shower especially if you have a horrible voice.  Even if you have a good voice go find some place in the house where the family is unable to here you.

These days you can listen and sing out to music on your IPad and Smart phone. When I was a kid I sang out with my radio or the record player. My bedroom was small and I did not have a door only a curtain so I had to keep the volume somewhat low except at night when the parents were in their bedroom and my brothers were downstairs in theirs. The other place I was able to listen and sing to music was downstairs in the recreation area that we had a ping pong and pool table as well. Originally it was where our grandparents lived until both of them passed away. When I was home spent a lot of time there listening to the beetles, the rolling stones, and the doors among others. My bedroom I listen to the radio to music along with sports primarily the Seattle Supersonics basketball. I have to say those were really good times. Baseball time of the year listen to the minor league teams of Seattle and Tacoma along with going over my baseball cards.

During the day I spent my childhood in the outdoors playing baseball, basketball, and football when not going to school. My best friend Gary and I would go through both of our baseball cards to see what we could do to trade with each other.  This was right after we played baseball.  

Back to music though when I entered high school my voice was changing so my mother wanted me to join the school choir because I was singing mono tone which drove everyone crazy around the house; she figured the choir director would teach me how to sing correctly which turned out to be true. Also, I joined the church choir shortly after. You have to figure with the last name of Nightingale music and song is in my bones. It should be something we all do in our lives.  I don’t sing a choir now however I do enjoy the worship music at my church. God called us all to worship and music is part of it all. Even if you are not able to carry much of a tune I would still recommend doing some singing even if it is in the shower or your car.

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