Saturday, March 19, 2016

Changing Our Lifestyle?

I am here not to convince anyone whether to change their lifestyle or not. First thing I am going to promote my new blog here is the link

I will be writing about the lifestyles we have here in my hometown and state along with other places as well. Can be an interesting subject I believe.

When we are born we are automatically put into a certain kind of lifestyle whether we like it or not. The lifestyle begins with our economic status of being poor, middle class or rich. At that point our lifestyle is chosen by our parents. Many of us likely will rebel against that lifestyle when we are teenagers. When we become adults we may return to the lifestyle we are accustomed to or start our own. Of course when we have children the cycle starts all over again.

Growing up in Gig Harbor, Washington in the United States of America my lifestyle was living in a middle class family in a small town. Our home was on waterfront property so my lifestyle was a bit different than those who lived up the street from me. My father was really into sailing so we had a dock with a sailboat about ten feet long and another that was seventeen feet long. They were always tied to the dock while our twenty-five foot sailboat was anchored further out in the harbor. So all the people living close to us had boats as well; a few had sailboats like us while others had motorboats. So you see that was a good part of the lifestyle I was accustomed too.

Most of the kids who lived north of us were either lower or middle class and their lifestyle was more living out in the country. When I was growing up the whole Gig Harbor area was more country living then it is today. Now Gig Harbor is more of what people would call a breakfast community to Tacoma. Though some of the people are still middle class there are richer people living in Gig Harbor now. In east Gig Harbor where we lived now you would need a lot of money to buy a home.

When I became an adult and moved out of my parents’ house my lifestyle changed. No longer could I take out a sailboat anytime I wanted to. Now my lifestyle is living an apartment and being part of the bedroom community. I would not say the lifestyle is better or worse than when I was growing up just different. What I was interested in like sports is the same. I have the same kind of friends as well.

So now the subject of changing your lifestyle; are you happy in your lifestyle or so accustomed to it that you never thought of changing it. If you thought about it most of us probably have tweaked our lifestyle to some degree or another. For example, maybe you eat healthier and go to the gym where before you were always on the fast train. In fact my only real change I may want you to make is if you are still on that fast train.

I am sure there are people who say they will get off the fast train when their children grow up and they retire from work. The key thing is you going to live long enough to slow down or not? Our society is so much to keep up with the Jones while going into debt.

I know that some people who have lived in Gig Harbor for as many years or more than I have complained about the growth while others have helped in the development of the growth. Personally I have don’t have a big problem with the growth however I don’t like the fact there are a lot more restaurants especially fast food. People need to lose weight not gain; hopefully you hold off and eat salads.

This is what changing our lifestyle all is about. The older we get change must happen not just for own good but those we consider family and friends. I am not here that you must change however it is a recommendation on my part. I know that change is not ever easy because I am still working on my life change too. Good day all!





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