Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Summer in April

 A view  from the space needle

The last three days here in Western Washington temperatures have been broken. The previous highs on these specific days have been in the upper 70s and now the new record is between 86 and 89.

It quite amazing to think the weather is more for the summer than spring. El Nino has broken records here for the last couple years or so for temperatures and rainfall. It is expected to get normal rainfall by the weekend. So I have to say that everything is abnormal around here. We can’t really complain though when it has been sunny. After having such a wet winter everyone is happy about this. The temperatures in the winter were above normal as well though the rainfall broke records. We had over forty inches of rain between October 1 and March 31. The normal rainfall for a full year is less than forty inches.

We expect that next winter will be lower temperatures with more snow than normal however the hot weather expected through the end of September though. Winter has been mild over the past three years so those who are not accustomed to the colder weather around here will be surprised and likely will not know to handle it especially those who have moved here in the last few years.

I am probably in the minority however I am looking forward to having more snow. I know that I can visit the mountains but having snow around is very nice I think.

I am sure many places around the world will have to get used to the change of weather. This week Colorado has had some snow and parts of Texas around Dallas and Houston have had a lot of rain. I am sure places like Los Angeles could use some rain however they get a lot as well when it rains. It would be nice to have consistency in the weather even when it rains.

In the meantime I will enjoy the weather here in northwest whether it hot, cold or rainy. What I like so much about the weather here we usually have all four seasons. Come for a visit here I can guarantee that you will find a wonderful part of the world.

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